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Fast Lane Is Going Italy

Fast Lane is going Italy!

Pezzo was the last weekend in Milan. Photo shooting on Friday, checking clubs on Saturday. The Rock Magazine CatHouse made a warm welcome at one of the coolest In-Club in Milan. The new pictures will be online soon. More news follows!

See ya all!

P. S. Check out our Profile at!

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New Tour Dates

Fast Lane’s Tour coming up soon!

Check out the dates!


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MySpace & YouTube Profiles

We just stepped into the fire!

The online world is getting bigger every day. We HAVE to be part of it. Take a look at Fast Lane’s MySpace & YouTube profiles bellow.

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Photo shooting

We wanna thank Zoran @ FRAMIX for the cool Photo shooting! A true friend!

You did a great job man! We gotta do something together…

Say Hi to Spoony-Love-From-Up-Above!

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Fast Lane Mixing New Songs

Sunday mix! Sounds crazy, but it’s true. After the last gig, which was loud like hell! I think my ears are not really good for this. Whatever, nothing to lose…

In the mean time we just mixed some tunes. Rough & Tough!

We are proud to present a little taste of it. Feel the music, eat the music, enjoy the music here >>.

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Recording New Stuff

Pre-recording the new songs…

We are @ Tom Jackson’s Studio in Basel. Trying to cut on tape as much as we can.

We have 4 days for that. We don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen, but we love it already.

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