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Denis & Friends – Bulgarian Rock TV Show – Part 2

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Denis & Friends – Bulgarian Rock TV Show – Part 1

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Fast Lane featured

Fast Lane featured on SDS Music Factory Newsletter!
All about Hughes & Kettner!

Fast Lane featured on SDS Music Factory

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Join Fast Lane @ Facebook

Join Fast Lane @ Facebook

We think that this is the easiest way for you to get closer to us. There are too many social network websites/applications out there and we can not follow all of them. Yes, it might be better to do so, but there is too much wasting of time.

We’ll keep Facebook as our first priority for now. MySpace and Twitter are also part of Fast Lane’s social network system.


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Follow us on Twitter

Fast Lane @ Twitter

After Facebook we opened our Twitter profile. We’ll use Twitter mostly for our friends from USA, Canada, South America and Australia.

Follow us and find out more about Fast Lane.

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Facebook Band Profile

Fast Lane with a brand new Facebook Band Profile

Couple of months ago we joined another online “social network” platform. This time the platform name is made from two words which make no sense together, but everybody seem to like it. So we’re in Facebook as well… ; )

Go and check out our profile… and do not forget to press Like button! : )

Fast Lane @ Facebook

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