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New Album Mastered

Fast Lane’s New Album Mastered by Dave Collins (Linkin Park, Soundgarden)

We finished the second mix with Dave Snow couple of weeks ago and we were lucky to get Dave Collins mastering the Album.
After a long journey the target was reached! Very exited about it!

Listen to Fast Lane’s MFLP here »

More info follows…

Fast Lane

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Facebook Band Profile

Fast Lane with a brand new Facebook Band Profile

Couple of months ago we joined another online “social network” platform. This time the platform name is made from two words which make no sense together, but everybody seem to like it. So we’re in Facebook as well… ; )

Go and check out our profile… and do not forget to press Like button! : )

Fast Lane @ Facebook

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Next Gig

Next gig is coming your way! Fast Lane at Gator Saloon!

Sat. 31.10.2009, Showtime – 23.00h.

Opening Party for Gator Saloon is a cool deal though. We will open it!!!

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Fast Lane @ Contra Open Air

After a long break Fast Lane is going to play a warm up gig at the Contra Open-Air!

It was about time. This will be the first gig with our new drummer Chris.
Make him a warm welcome, please! ; )

More details:
15.08.2009, Liebistorf, Contra Open – Air


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New Band Photos

Fast Lane Photoshooting

We would like to thank Dessi @ for the great work!

The photoshooting was cool and easy! See the Galleries »

We appreciate the help and the opportunity to make the photoshooting @ Giahi Tattoo Studio.
Thank you Giada!


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Chris join Fast Lane

Cool News!!!

1. Finally! The long search is over. We have a new drummer – Christian. A great drummer and a really cool dude! New photos on the way!

2. Fast Lane’s profile @ New songs to be found and purchased on iTunes soon! You can download the “Planet Earth” album here:

Fast Lane

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1. We would like to thank Tom Jackson for the amazing work!

2. Thanx to Spike Streefkerk @ SpikeSound for the great job! He really get the point where we’re going and where we’re coming from!

3. We thank you – our friends & family for the support and understanding!

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Short News

Hi guys, it’s been a while…

Took us more than one year to get our next album recorded and mixed. We really been through fire and ice the last couple of months. Wasn’t easy to get all the resources. Soon you’ll be able to listen to the new songs and dowload them @ iTunes.

Thank you for your patience!
Truly appreciated!

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Make Changes

We’re about to make some major changes!

As we look in the near future, we think we should grab the “Master Plan” and make it happen!

Things must be done now!!!
You’ll find out pretty soon….

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Music For Download

The MF LP (Demo) is ready to download!

Buy it now @

Fast Lane’s “Planet Earth” CD is on iTunes! Reality Entertainment (USA) put it on.
For those who still don’t have it, now is your chance to purchase it!

Fast Lane

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