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Real – Fast Lane’s New Video

New video “Real” – shot by Bradley.tv

The video was shot entirely on location and at Bradley Media Inc studios, Leeds, UK by Bradley.tv (October 25th & 26th 2011). The track is called “Real” and it is the first song from the new album “Tools of Intelligence“.

Director – Nick Bradley
Executive Producer – Paul Hodgson
Head of Post Production – Stuart Warrington
D.O.P. – Aidan Metcalfe
Producer – Nikki Marsh
Producer & “Hardcastle” – Rob Barker
Producer & “Crawford” – Kim Hobbs
Camera & Production Assistant – Josh Callis Smith
Camera & Assistant Editor – Luke Wheldon
Production Assistant, Grip & Extra – Tom Lyon
Newsreader & Accomplice – Simone Lee
Extra – Tom Suddick

Watch video on YouTube >>
Watch all videos on the Media page >>

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Pezzo – Hughes & Kettner Deal

Pezzo signed an endorsement deal with Hughes & Kettner through SDS Music Factory, Switzerland!

Hughes & Kettner - TriAmp Head Hughes & Kettner - CC 412 Hughes & Kettner - Replex Hughes & Kettner - Rotoshere

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Fast Lane goes UK for a video shooting

Yes, indeed! Fast Lane goes UK for a video shooting with one of the top film companies Bradley TV!

We don’t want to tell you much about which song and what the video will be about. What we can say is that this video will be a massive action! That’s right! We want to go beyond borders and imagination.

Fast Lane wants to thank Nick Bradley for giving the band this great opportunity!

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List of Digital Stores

Here is a list of some digital stores you can buy “Tools of Intelligence”:

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Tools of Intelligence on iTunes

Fast Lane - Tools of Intelligence - CD Front

Fast Lane’s new album “Tools of Intelligence” on iTunes from August 1st 2011!

Get your hands on it now!

Fast Lane "Tools of Intelligence" on iTunes

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Tools of Intelligence

The new Fast Lane Album “Tools of Intelligence” is going to be this week on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster and many more online stores and platforms. We will post the links and the information here later this week.

The physical release will be in August, latest September this year (2011).

To be continued…

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Join Fast Lane @ Facebook

Join Fast Lane @ Facebook

We think that this is the easiest way for you to get closer to us. There are too many social network websites/applications out there and we can not follow all of them. Yes, it might be better to do so, but there is too much wasting of time.

We’ll keep Facebook as our first priority for now. MySpace and Twitter are also part of Fast Lane’s social network system.


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New CD release soon!

New Fast Lane CD your way

We are just about to get this done. We’ll let you know when and where in a bit.


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New Album Mastered

Fast Lane’s New Album Mastered by Dave Collins (Linkin Park, Soundgarden)

We finished the second mix with Dave Snow couple of weeks ago and we were lucky to get Dave Collins mastering the Album.
After a long journey the target was reached! Very exited about it!

Listen to Fast Lane’s MFLP here »

More info follows…

Fast Lane

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Music For Download

The MF LP (Demo) is ready to download!

Buy it now @ www.blastmymusic.com.

Fast Lane’s “Planet Earth” CD is on iTunes! Reality Entertainment (USA) put it on.
For those who still don’t have it, now is your chance to purchase it!

Fast Lane

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