Pezzo - Guitars & Vocals / Fast Lane

Guitars & Lead Vocal

Pezzo is a true Rock’n’Rolla! He is an example of a real rock musician with a Gibson, couple of big tubes in the amp and massively loud speaker cabinets. He used only a Cry Baby and nothing else. Now with the brand new Hughes & Kettner deal in the pocket he’s got two more effect pedals in his collection (Rotosphere + Relpex). Talk Box is probably next… About his voice – he’s trying to sing & scream as loud as the guitar amp! Get the chance to see him Live!

Pezzo uses:

  • Gibson Guitars
  • PRS Guitars
  • Hughes & Kettner Amps

Pezzo likes:

  • Pretty women
  • The sun
  • To talk

Pezzo doesn’t like:

  • Work for free
  • Strange people
  • Wasting of time

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Replex Rotosphere